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Master's of Science in Nursing Adminstration, July 1992
Associate Degree in Applied Science in Commercial Graphics- Photography, May 2020
Born in Bangor, ME
Lives & works in Charleston, SC

I love becoming a part of nature.  Observing and learning from behaviors seen in a natural habitat, spending hours getting close to birds who allow me into their world for a short time, and capturing the beauty of the world around us.  Please enjoy what I have had the privilege of photographing.  

Grants & Awards 


Dedicated Friend and Partner in Philanthropy Award, inaugural awardee Roper St. Francis Foundation


Firestarter Award from Roper St. Francis and Studer Group for exemplary performance

2011 to 2014

Awarded $824,500 from eleven grants for Center for Spinal Cord Injury


Trident Technical College Merit Award

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